American Jewelry & Coin Auction LLC. Sellers Rates & Terms

Our clients include; Jewelry Stores, Pawn & Loan Stores, Diamond & Gem Brokers, Collectors Liquidating and Estate Specialists & Auction Houses who do not specialize in fine jewelry and antique coins.

The Process:  Your items are evaluated by email description and preferably photos, and if the items meet our standards they are mailed to us in your packaging, or we can arrange a fully insured UPS pickup.  We photograph and list your items in an upcoming auction, where they are sold.  Checks are mailed to sellers within 3 days after the close of the auction.  We offer FAST PAYMENT, quality photography and advertising and accurate descriptions.  If you need to turn your jewelry or coins into cash, contact [email protected] to get the process started.

How Soon Will My Items Sell?  Usually within 2 weeks.

What Are The Costs?  Our commission structure is very seller friendly.  We use a tiered system with selling fees ranging from 5-20% depending on the final sales price of your items.  Of course the higher the sales price, the lower the commission rates.   We do not charge entry fees, catalog fees or photography fees.  Contact us for an exact quote.

What Items Do You Accept?  Pretty simple, we accept most any item of value that falls under the spectrum of jewelry, coins and other rarities such as collector knives, Native American relics, antiques, sterling silver flatware and many other items.  We primarily deal with consignors who are jewelry store owners, pawn shop owners, estate liquidators or individuals who have a large collection they are liquidating.  We accept single items from individuals as well.

Can I Set A Reserve?  Usually, no.  Items are taken on a case by case basis and we do occasionally accept realistic reserves on items of higher value.  As a general rule we do not accept reserves on items of value under $500.

Contact us at [email protected] to speak to an Auction Representative today about selling your items.